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Connecting private capital with high-growth middle market opportunities

We connect global private capital with high-growth middle market opportunities in the US and consumer markets with bespoke opportunities in select emerging markets.

01. Investment focused

We focus on strategic investments in privately owned companies in the United States and high-value and potential businesses in Emerging Markets.

We work with portfolio companies that have strong growth potential, solid management teams, and favourable market dynamics.

Our investment strategy spans various sectors, which allows us the agility to diversify our portfolio to capture growth opportunities across industries.

02. Value creation

Our primary focus is to create value in our portfolio companies through operational improvements, effective capital allocation, and strategic interventions to drive continuous improvement. Our aim is to ensure that our portfolio companies are well-resourced,  skilled to reach their full potential.

We understand what it takes to drive growth, enhance profitability and maximize shareholder value.

We adopt a disciplined investment approach, driven through comprehensive due diligence, focused on assessing investment risks and identifying potential value drivers.

03. Inclusive wealth creation

Beyond financial returns, we are committed to responsible investing focused on driving inclusive wealth creation. With this in mind, Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors play a crucial role in our investment decision-making process.

We partner with companies that share our commitment to sustainable practices, inclusive wealth creation practices, ethical conduct, and corporate responsibility. By integrating ESG considerations into our investments, we aim to generate long-term value while positively impacting the communities and environments in which we operate through our portfolio companies.


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